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18th April 2012

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Let me tell you about Rory.

  1. The most important thing in the universe is Amy, because he said so.
  2. Once, he punched the Doctor in the face. It was awesome.
  3. Breathe for a moment and take in #2 properly. The Doctor, a man with seemingly infinite power, a man with the ability to start revolutions and topple bad gods, a man with alien strength and ability, a man who is, in the perspective of things, so much greater than Rory as a mere human could ever hope to be. Rory punches him. In the face. Without hesitation. 
  4. If anything, he is blatantly unimpressed by the Doctor, not scared or awed at all.
  5. He will stand and fight for what he loves. For 2000 years.
  6. He will never choose between his wife and another, alternate version of his wife if he doesn’t have to. Rory loves her in all forms.
  7. Rory is one of the few companions who walked into the TARDIS and wasn’t fazed by the fact that it was bigger on the inside.
  8. In fact, he had even read up on enough Sci-Fi to know that it was in another dimension, and said as much to the Doctor.
  9. The Last Centurion.
  10. All he needs to be happy is to have Amy happy. And maybe a sweet car.
  11. Rory takes little things like finding out he’s married to Amy and River is their daughter while he’s in a universe that has given him amnesia regarding those events generally in stride.
  12. His sense of humour is bitter, sarcastic, and often takes the form of one-liners and cute little quips. Also, it’s fantastic.
  13. He fights a fish-vampire off with a broom.
  14. Never once has he insulted bowties and said they are not cool.
  15. He has enough swag that his stripper at his stag do was the Doctor.
  16. “Trust the plastic.”
  17. He never misses an opportunity to thoroughly kiss his wife.
  18. Rory understands that “stupidface” is an epithet of love.
  19. He stands up to the Doctor if the Doctor is at all at fault for Amy being in trouble.
  20. “Where. Is. My. Wife.” 
  21. Cool guys never look at explosions.
  22. He forgot to take Hitler out of the closet.
  23. Time tried to erase Rory, but it completely failed and just managed to make him Roman instead.
  24. There is a page on Facebook called “Rory Williams is the New Chuck Norris.” I need say no more.
  25. Like Donna, arguably the second-most badass companion of all time, he is perplexed and annoyed about the fact that apparently the Sonic doesn’t do wood.
  26. Despite all attempts of the universe to prevent it, he does in fact exist.
  27. He’s died almost as many times as the Doctor has, still lives to make dark jokes about it, and can’t even regenerate.
  28. Rory is the pretty one.
  29. He might be able to stand up and argue with the Doctor when he needs to, but that doesn’t keep him from being one of the Doctor’s best friends. Actually, it probably makes him one of the best best friends the Doctor has ever had.
  30. Rory understands the fashion faux-pas that is a poncho, and wears it when he’s freezing to death anyway.
  31. He dressed up as the Doctor as a child. Because Amy said so.
  32. Rory was wearing the eyepatch when it had already activated, and still he fought, stood his ground, and barely even showed any pain.
  33. He’s hot.
  34. He’s also hot in horrible hipster glasses. If not more so.
  35. His wife is Amy Pond and his daughter is River Song.
  36. Rory sees the coma patients around town. Instead of wondering if he’s going insane or acting in another irrational manner, he takes pictures for photo evidence.
  37. Again, even in an altered timeline when he has never married Amy, he still protects her to the end, as Captain Williams.
  38. He role-plays with Amy as a Roman Centurion while they are on their honeymoon.
  39. He and Amy first kiss while dancing the Macarena. Yes. Really.
  40. Rory knows how to play the guitar.
  41. He is a nurse.
  42. And he is completely and utterly fantastic in essentially any other way you can possibly think of.

Adding to #3. The first day Rory met The Doctor he was staring down an alien eyeball ship one of many that was getting ready to vaporize the earth. In the episode these gif’s come from, The Doctor stands on a slab of rock, and makes an allied fleet of his worst enemies run just by yelling at them. This is the man Rory punches without thinking twice.

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