The name tag says “Hi I’m Tram”

Its been said every journey starts with the first step, and every book the first words.

Not a single step has been made so this is not a journey, nor is it truly a book even though the first words have been written. 

This is a blog. A journey of words and pictures. Disjointed in subject with the goal of offering a window in to the mind of the blog’s author. 

Who is the author of this particular blog? well you can call me Tram.

Nerd, weirdo, and Dork are also acceptable should more options be your desire.       All would apply to me and I gladly accept the names as it is a form of affirmation that I  have not yet turned into a stale gingerbread man.

Now for some basic stuff about yours truly. 

Writing is not my strong point. Not at the Grammar level at least. I struggle heavily with dyslexia, and often I find myself staring at a wall of text underlined in red as spell-check rams its head into the wall trying to figure out what half my words where even supposed to be.                                          Despite that though my highest grades often came out of English due to the fact that I’m rather good when it comes to creative writing. I figure if someone has to suffer though my poor writing skills it should at least be somewhat entertaining subject matter.

What I’m trying to say is please forgive my written transgressions.

Next on the list of things to know about me, I am still very much a kid at heart as well as a nerdy dork. I am just short of being a grown man living in his mom’s basement. A good thing too considering my parents house lacks a basement.

Still as I look around my house there is a Lego ship to my left. Nerf guns proudly displayed on the book shelf along with a collection of manga and other comics. My movie collection has such gems as Firefly and Serenity, The complete Gundam Wing anime along with Endless Waltz.

When not being distracted by the internet, I usually can be found playing video games or working on my web-comic. 

I think I shall let that do for now as an introduction, and welcome to my little part of the world. ^_^