Greetings newish folks

Oh look new people!

Greetings project114stuff

just a guess but you like ponies?

and Welcome the-pizzataco

I don’t know exactly what you like but it seems to be a number of things

Oh crap four more of you started fallowing Jumbled Thoughts.

And I was extremely rude and didn’t even notice until now :(

So Greetings



Welcome tentacles-and-stardust


Hello rawmatter


and finally a simple “hi” to z0mbiestodiefor



Hello thatbandslut I don’t think I’ve welcomed you to Jumbled thoughts yet.

I seemed to have gained a new follower at some point

Greetings escapedownthewidingpath  welcome to jumbled thoughts

welp my roommate (and friend) is now fallowing me. So good by tumblr it was nice knowing you.

Just kidding,

Welcome thatlyricalsoul, to a side of me you might not have seen before.

Greetings monsieurbcbg

welcome to jumbled thoughts.

Welcome vivacieux

*hm. another new person*

Hello thekristinbanta

You might have made a wrong turn fallowing me, but I’m glad you did.

Greetings cosmicinerno88

Welcome to jumble thoughts.