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23rd January 2013

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Signs that you may be poor.

1. You have no money left after budgeting for bills and you haven’t put in the food budget yet.
2. You’re afraid of extra money in your account after all the bills are payed
3. You’re poor.

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31st July 2012


The lines of what I want to do, what I should do, what I need to do, and what I am doing almost never seem to cross paths.

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24th June 2012

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Simple pleasures of living alone.

walking around the house with a boner on a Sunday morning.

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29th May 2012

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Grab the nearest book to you, page 45 line 1 is your love life.

Book: Hellboy Oddest jobs. page 45 is a picture of a skeleton playing the saxophone.

so my love life is dead and I play a solo on the horn. sounds about right.

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8th May 2012


I’ve been living on my own and out of school for 6 years.

So why am I eating like a poor collage kid. >_<

*chilly on white bread toast, if your wondering*

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15th April 2012

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“let’s take this to the bedroom“ i say seductively as i pick up my laptop to so i can continue blogging until 5 in the morning.

done that. a lot.

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20th March 2012


An advantage of working in a nice restaurant its the crew meals. While the price and food range is limited for food cost reasons, the management team has been nice enough to let us make almost anything that we want within reason. 

Today’s lunch was the plate of teriyaki Chicken with rice and a salad. 

The french-fry plate was lunch on Monday.

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12th March 2012


If there was a thought bubble over my head right now…

It would say “I’m thinking Macaroni” 

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7th March 2012


A week with no internet

I would say I almost went crazy but I was never very sane to begin with.

What bugs me the most is I was way less productive than I should have been but this time without an excuse. 

Now I’m forced to admit to myself that I’m a grade A procrastinator who is very skilled at doing things that are pointless. 

also it kind of depresses me that my absence from the net was barely noted. 

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21st February 2012


I&#8217;m often amused when people come to my house and say things such as:
"Its defiantly a bachelor&#8217;s home" or "You put your food away like a guy"
News flash, I am!

I’m often amused when people come to my house and say things such as:

"Its defiantly a bachelor’s home" or "You put your food away like a guy"

News flash, I am!

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