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21st January 2014


Pictures of the ceremony room in the Knights of Pythias temple Tacoma Washington.

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21st January 2014

Video with 1 note

a quick video of the Knights of Pythias temple in Tacoma where C.L.A.W. held its yearly ceremony thing.

I have a feeling techsgtjenn and nudityandnerdery would love this building so much I know I sure did.

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26th December 2013

Photoset with 2 notes

Well it was nice knowing everyone but if this fog is any clue I ended up in silent hill some how. Seriously you can almost touch this fog like a simi-solid object.

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3rd December 2013

Photoset with 4 notes

For some reason these photos never uploaded yesterday.

This is one of the east 34th st bridges in Tacoma right next to my work.

The first shot has a glow due to the lens fogging up and I like the effect that gave off.

The second photo has a HDR filter.

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18th October 2013


Sometimes you even get a second shot

Sometimes you even get a second shot

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18th October 2013

Photo with 3 notes

Sometimes you just get Lucky with an amzing shot.

Sometimes you just get Lucky with an amzing shot.

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28th September 2013

Video with 1 note

It’s a bit wet outside.
Perfect if you like the rain.t

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17th September 2013

Video with 1 note

For Devin.

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24th July 2013


Oh its 85 degrees. I think I’ll just hide in my room for a bit.

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18th June 2013

Video with 5 notes

For lovers of the rain

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