Why arn’t brain garage sales a thing?
You could get rid of some old junk that might mean something to someone else.

I’m watching Star Trek TNG episode 5: where no man has gone before.

Tasha Yar has a flash back or is transported back home for a minuet and is about to be attacked by a rape gang. She’s brought back just as someone grabs her shoulder. Its Gordi asking if something is wrong. When she tells him, his response is amazing, he doesn’t ask if she’s sure or tell her its all in her head. His first question is “Are you alright?” 

He believes her and doesn’t question it, doesn’t blame her, and doesn’t call her crazy. He just wants to make sure she’s not hurt.

That is amazing powerful and sorely lacking in most television shows.

It’s a daily struggle between wanting to be noticed and not to be seen by anyone.

This post may have Supernatural spoilers up to season three.


At this point my feelings are rather mixed so let’s do a brake down of why.


1. Supernatural hits home on my love of the suspense and horror with out always relying on the gore factor (don’t get me wrong its bloody) to get the heart pumping and the nerves strung


2. Gray characters. Every character in the show is compromised in someway it seems and it always comes back to bite them in the ass. That fight to keep from falling in to darkness makes for some good tv.

3. Self aware story. I’m impressed with how the show constantly asks the questions that are in my head watching some episodes. For example when ether Dean or Sam are like ‘that’s weird and impossible’ they often come right back with a ‘but then again everything we know is impossible’  and I appreciate that. Shows like the X-files or Star Trek constantly annoyed me with how the main characters never seems to learn from past experiences. 

4. The main story. While some of the side stories and single shot hunts leave something to be desired at times the over all story has me intrigued, and it seems like there are three stories in each episode. The first being what the episode is about, the second the season’s story (the first season looking for Dad, the second learning about Sam. etc) and finally the master story of the supernatural war of hell and earth.



1. The dismissive treatment of Pagan Deities. As of the time I write this I’m only half way though season 3. So far there have only been a few encounters with with noted Pagan Gods. One from season one which was the scarecrow protector thing, the duo in the Christmas special in season two and the trickster. With the exception of the trickster all of them have been dealt with very little effort hardly more notable than a vampire at best, hell the Rabbits foot was more of a problem. The problem is that these where supposed to be god’s, not Pagan spirits, or Pagan guardians. Gods. You do not just walk up to a god and stake it to death, or burn it, or whatever. At best the most you can hope for is to take out the earthly form and hope the spirit doesn’t strike you down in wrath. The Trickster is the perfect example as the boys do mange to ‘kill’ him when the first meet only to learn that it was a trick and he’s back and pissed much later on. Problem is it was never confirmed in Trickster dude is in fact a god or just a really powerful demon thing. It’s a major insult to other religions.


2. Sexism. Sadly women are constantly degraded in the show. They are ether there to be used for sex, killed, or need to be saved. Seriously every woman is objectified as a sex object  and because the scrip requires it, will bone with the main characters (mostly Dean). If for some reason she does actually say no she will be written off as a cold bitch or you know die a few scenes later. Optionally she will be turned into a monster and be slain because it’s the ‘right thing’ to do. Okay there are a couple of exceptions (sort of) but in those cases the women are cast as deceptive and not to be trusted in a kind of twisted Eve and Delilah way. So powerful intelligent women are to be feared and all the rest are little more than meat. less than awesome


3. Technical fails. Every show has problems time to time and there are just those episodes that you really try to forget, but it still bugs me when impossible time stretches happen and supernatural is full of them. Kind of like the bug episode where an entire night segment took all of maybe ten minuets both real time and in the show, Seriously termites eating though treated wood in seconds? also the  ”Shit my brother is being attacked and dying three cities away I’ll just drive really fast!” is a bit annoying after a while image


I guess that about covers my gripes and likes of the show I think there was more but I forgot what exactly (read: I got distracted by looking up gifs)

I do like the show and will continue to watching it despite its problems, its a bit like eating a stake or fish and biting into a large bit of rock salt, A good time slightly lessened by an off tasted and chipped teeth.


To this day I’m still not sure how I feel about game Achievements. Possibly because they often feel a little spoon fed to the player

*bleep* “you made your character jump, because you’r in a fucking plat-former and that’s what you do!”  

Now some achievements are nice to get especially if you had to work for it a bit, collecting a hundred-thousand rings in a sonic game, or fifty knife take downs in Black Ops and my personal favorite burnt ten-thousand calories in My Fitness. To me those are achievements worth noting because the do take some skill and sweat on the players part to reach those goals. 

aside from special moments of unusual game play I really don’t want to be congratulated for playing the game as it was meant to be played at least not until the very end when I’ve beaten it which is a bit of an achievement and at that point it is nice to get a little fan fair. 

*Bleep* “wrote a blog commenting on achievements. How original.”

On one hand the Mine Launcher in RE4 is a waste of money

On the other hand can you really put a price tag on crotch-shoting a zombie with a mine and watch him fall over in pain and then blow up?

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I look at relationships like a math problem there is a constant for yourself and a variable for what ever partners you might have.

If you keep having relationships that end up with the same results with different variables it might be time to check the constant.

Thought of the moment

There is a deference between feeling sexy and being sexy.

Personal stuff.

For the past three, almost four years I’ve lived alone. For the most part I like it just fine. I really can be the grown up who is a kid. I eat ice-cream and pizza for dinner quite a bit. I buy toys that I had always wanted to. 

There are of course adult responsibility’s I have to take care of like a job and bills. Over all though I get to do what I want and all is well.

Lately though a few things have started to get to me. I am not very motivated when left alone. I find even the simplest task tends to go undone. I find it very easy to fall into a trap of letting my personal upkeep and care fall to the wayside. My house becomes a clutter place of filth and it shames me.

There is also a problem of how secluded I’ve become. Getting around by bus and walking can be a bit of a pain so most of my contact with people is at work and that doesn’t really count as the best social interaction. I do talk to people though IM quite a bit but that lacks the personal touch of being with others in person.

Darker thoughts have also started to surface. “would anyone notice if I was gone?” I know they would eventually. Work being the first place that would notice if I just stopped showing up, but how long before someone would check my house, If I died how long before my body would be found? 

I really don’t have an end for this. Its just stuff on my mind as the sun sets.

If there was a thought bubble over my head right now…

It would say “I’m thinking Macaroni”