Doin’ it with the Lights On: American Youth and Issues of Sexuality, Identity Development, and Empowerment from Andrea K M Capere on Vimeo.

American youth don’t have access to or the ability to engage in conversations and education that empower them around issues of empowerment, identities, and healthy sexualities.

In this documentary, the Senior Women’s and Gender Studies Capstone class combines research and filmmaking for a look at sex education in the public and private spheres and how this relates to differing gender identities and a/sexualities. Premiering May 2013 at the Pacific Lutheran University WMGS Capstone Presentation and at a film festival near you.

A short teaser for a video being made by some students in my friend’s film class she’s teaching. Knowing how interested tumblr (or at least the group I follow) in gender and sexuality, I’ll try and keep an ear out for more information as it becomes available. 



fun fact: i’m pansexual!  

this sex+ covers:
-what is pansexuality?
-what’s the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality?
-questioning your orientation 
-suggestions for using labels 


Best quote: ‎”Sexual preference is so varied amongst people, the chance of any label %100 describing you? Pretty low.”

I think my best love quote is, well the whole video to be honest. 

also while pansexual is starting to look more and more like something that describes me in a general sense (and kind of the point of the video) I still like the idea of putting my sexual preferences down as N/A

More and more I would prefer to define my sexuality N/A

Because really what does it mater?

I’m attracted to People, not sex.